Arbutus Organizes Local Makers to Provide Personal Protective Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has depleted worldwide supplies of essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that keep our healthcare workers and first responders safe. They are on the front lines, putting themselves at risk to keep us safe. The PPE is desperately needed to ensure they can continue to treat and protect us.

The Arbutus Folk School, Lacey Makerspace and South Salish Mighty Masks have joined forces to unite the maker community and make an impact. We are thankful for the many volunteers that are in their homes selflessly sewing, 3D printing, and assembling kits to give to those battling COVID-19.

What We Are Doing

We’re joining together as a community of volunteers and donors making PPE for those who need it most in Thurston County and beyond:

  • Healthcare Workers who need 3D-printed face shields
  • First Responders who need face masks with filters
  • Frontline Organizations and Workers who need cloth masks

For information on ways to get involved, donate or request assistance, see the Lacey Makerspace PPE Response page.



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