Arbutus COVID Safety Plan, Protocol and Documents

We are cautiously and safely reopening some activities at Arbutus.  Please see our entire COVID Safety Plan below.  We deeply appreciate the community’s patience and support in this incredibly difficult time. We are very confident in our reopening plan and are thrilled to reconnect with you soon!

Like all arts and culture organizations, Arbutus has been deeply hurt by the economic impact of closing.  We still hold hope that recovery is possible, but it will be a very difficult challenge for our tiny organization.  We need the support of the community now more than ever.  Please consider making a donation if you are able. 

In love and good health,
The Arbutus Staff

We welcome your feedback by email: Thank you!

Please open links below to view the following:

  1. Health Check Form. Every day prior to entering the building, each student, instructor, staff, board member, volunteer or member of the public will be required to submit a Health Check Form.
  2. COVID Safety Plan:

Safety Plan Implementation:

  1. There are air filters installed in the woodshop and ceramic studio. The air conditioned space in the front of the building is being retrofitted with a state-of-the-art air purification system. See info here and here and the flyer posted at the bottom of this page. We will keep the back garage doors open as weather permits.
  2. Every day prior to entering the building, EVERYONE – each student, instructor, staff, board member, volunteer or member of the public – will be required to submit a Health Check Form.
  3. Masks will be required for EVERYONE entering the building. Students need to bring their own masks.
  4. At the entrance of the building is a table and whiteboard informing everyone who enters they are required to STOP, sanitize hands and read the material on the table before proceeding into the building. The material includes signage on how to recognize COVID symptoms and how to stop the spread of germs.
  5. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the building.
  6. Classes will be limited to a maximum of 6 students in most cases. For larger class sizes, we will secure a larger and/or outdoor venue.
  7. Plexiglass sneeze guards are available to allow students to view detailed work.
  8. At the start of each class, the instructor will take attendance and confirm everyone present has submitted a health check form. The attendance sheet will also serve as the contact tracing log. The instructor will review safety protocol and ensure compliance at all times.
  9. High-touch areas of the facility will be routinely disinfected. Tool sharing will be extremely minimized. Any tools that must be shared will be disinfected between each user.
  10. These rules and procedures apply to all students, staff, instructors, board members, volunteers, community members and anyone who enters the building.
  11. A hardcopy of the Safety Plan will be available onsite at all times.
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