Artist in Residence

The Arbutus Folk School supports creating pathways for crafts people early in their professional careers. To this end we operate an Artist in Residence program in some of our core program areas.  The AIRs serve critical functions for our studios and in exchange, they have access to the equipment in our facility for their own use. AIRs  are provided opportunities to develop their teaching, technical and community leadership skills and are given opportunities to showcase their work.

Open AIR positions will be announced on this page.  There are no current openings at this time.

Ceramics Artist in Residence

Andritta Berstein

Andritta Bernstein grew up in Seattle and Tacoma WA. During her formative years drawing painting, photography and ceramics were vital outlets in exploring the social world around her. She moved to Olympia in 2016 to complete her undergraduate degree at the Evergreen State College. At TESC she studied art theory, 3D art in ceramics and metal working as well as experimental photography. During this time she was a studio aide for the Evergreen ceramic studio and gained an affinity for helping her peers in achieving their learning goals while maintaining a communal studio space. She Graduated from Evergreen in the fall of 2018 and spent a few months in Seattle enjoying a work-study exchange at Rat City Studios in White Center where she learned new techniques from artist Deborah Schwartzkopf. Currently the Ceramic AIR at Arbutus Folk School she is churning out a variety of functional pottery from mugs to small vases and large serving bowls, while working towards starting her own home business in ceramics. She finds deep purpose in working her inquiries out through the manipulations of materials and strives to share that experience with local community through teaching.

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Woodworking Artist in Residence

Francis Fong

Francis Fong started woodworking in the winter of 2015 at The Evergreen State College. After an introductory class he transitioned to studying craft full-time and also started working at Evergreen’s wood shop as an instructional aide. Since then, he has made a range of things including chopsticks, side tables, chairs, lamps, and a large media console. He is equally interested in teaching, thinking, and making, and hopes to pursue craft education in the following years.

Past Artists in Residence

Andritta Bernstein:
Sara Farley
Pamela Davis
Nicole Gugliotti

Eric Cannizzaro

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