Artists in Residence

Arbutus Folk School offers residencies for artists early in their careers to gain professional skills and develop their craft. The Artists in Residence support our studio operations, have access to the space and equipment in our downtown Olympia facility, and have the opportunity to create on-site exhibitions, events, and sales to showcase their work to the public. Resident artists are also encouraged to explore opportunities for engaging the community in hands-on activities as a part of their residency experience.

Current residency opportunities at Arbutus Folk School are focused in ceramics, woodworking, and fiber arts, and we prioritize applications from local artists who are Black, Indigenous, and/or other People of Color. All interested artists are eligible and highly encouraged to apply, and are welcome to reach out to our staff with questions and curiosity at

Applications for our next round of residencies will be available in early 2023. Interested artists may prepare the following materials in anticipation of applying: C.V., work samples, artist website, references, and statement of interest. Please note that the residency is a volunteer-exchange with an expectation that the artist will spend time both creating work and supporting the operations of the school.

Ceramics Artist in Residence

Hyung Mo Chu graduated from Evergreen, and continued his education in ceramics at California State University, Long Beach, as a post baccalaureate student. As a graduate assistant at both Louisiana State University and the University of California, he team-taught beginning wheel throwing and hand building classes. He is excited to be a part of a creative community at Arbutus and be able to work with clay on a daily basis.


Fiber Artists in Residence

Kelsey Magnuson (she/her) and Eva Leach (she/they) are a sprouting collaborative textile duo primarily interested in creating garments and products with quilted and hand woven accents.

They met in the spring of 2021 after both having moved and returned to the Pacific Northwest, quickly bonding over their mutual interest in cultivating community as well as their similar pasts, immersed in the craft culture of Western North Carolina. In addition to textile work, their artistic endeavors have varied over the past years spanning from ceramics and photography to music and performance.

Outside of their craft practices their friendship deepens and continues to grow over each shared grit bowl, kickball game, crossword, and mutual love of goof. All of which lends to a collaboration rooted in spontaneity and improvisation.

Recent Artists in Residence

Lindsey Warner

2022 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Angelina Canepa

2021-2022 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Natalie Coblentz

2021-2022 Woodworking Artist in Residence

Francis Fong

Francis Fong started woodworking in the winter of 2015 at The Evergreen State College. After an introductory class he transitioned to studying craft full-time and also started working at Evergreen’s wood shop as an instructional aide. Since then, he has made a range of things including chopsticks, side tables, chairs, lamps, and a large media console. He is equally interested in teaching, thinking, and making, and hopes to pursue craft education in the following years.

August Davis

August Davis is an Olympia-based ceramic and media artist. He values art as a practice of connection and sharing stories. He is passionate about facilitating accessibility to art spaces. He explores themes of identity, queerness and sense of place through 3D ceramic pieces, sculptural installation work, filmmaking and animation.

August holds a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis in ceramics and media studies. He continues to advance as a ceramic artist by focusing on craft while pursuing roles of mentorship and collaboration.

Claire Muehleisen

Claire Muehleisen has had a strong connection to art throughout her lifeShe spent her formative years visiting her grandfather’s art studio in Mexico where she was exposed to the rich artistic culture there. These early experiences made a lasting impression on her and the imbued her with the deep belief in the power and magic of art. She studied oil painting, photography, drawing, pottery and ceramic sculpture at The Evergreen State College.  During this time, she was given the opportunity to grow as an instructor and ceramicist while working as an aid in the ceramics studio and volunteering as a teaching aid in a sculpting class. Claire graduated from Evergreen in the spring of 2018 and began working as a studio assistant for BakerPotter studios. She believes that art is an integral part of communication and self-expression 

Andritta Bernstein

Andritta Bernstein grew up in Seattle and Tacoma WA. During her formative years drawing painting, photography and ceramics were vital outlets in exploring the social world around her. She moved to Olympia in 2016 to complete her undergraduate degree at the Evergreen State College. At TESC she studied art theory, 3D art in ceramics and metal working as well as experimental photography. During this time she was a studio aide for the Evergreen ceramic studio and gained an affinity for helping her peers in achieving their learning goals while maintaining a communal studio space. She Graduated from Evergreen in the fall of 2018 and spent a few months in Seattle enjoying a work-study exchange at Rat City Studios in White Center where she learned new ceramic techniques from artist Deborah Schwartzkopf. She was the Ceramic AIR at Arbutus Folk School from fall of 2018 to fall of 2019. She finds deep purpose in working her inquiries out through the manipulations of materials and strives to share that experience with local community through teaching.

View more of Andritta’s work at

Eric Cannizzaro

Eric is a furniture maker and has been an instructor at Arbutus Folk School. He grew up in Vermont spending his free time exploring and searching for birds. After high school he spent a few years working odd jobs and traveling in Central and South America, finally deciding to enroll at the Evergreen State College to study Natural History in 2010.
At Evergreen he found his way to the wood shop and began working with Madeline Morgan, who directed his focus to handwork, and with whom he explored tool making, instrument making, Japanese joinery, furniture making, design and philosophy. Between field biology, odd jobs, and woodworking, he’s been able to make a living.
His interest in woodworking and craft centers on functional objects, and is tied to ideas of dignity, autonomy, and beauty. His current focus is on green chair making.
He was the woodworking artist in residence from 2017 to 2019.

Sarah Farley

Sarah has been working with clay for over 10 years. She has taught ceramics and facilitated the open ceramics studio at Arbutus Folk School. She was the ceramics artist in residence at Arbutus  from Spring of 2018 to fall of 2018.

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Pamela Davis

Pamela Davis is a ceramic and metal artist who lives and works in Olympia, WA. Her work ranges from 3-D ceramic and metal pieces, installation art, works on paper, and jewelry. Form, line, and concept are important elements in her work. Her themes include environmental relationships, the body, and intersections of perspective.

Pamela hold a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College. She works at Evergreen as the Fine Metals Studio Technician and at Arbutus Folk School as the Program Administrator.

She was the ceramics artist in residence from fall 2017 to spring of 2018.

You may view more of her work at

Nicole Gugliotti

nicole gugliotti (she/her) is a socially engaged craft artist making work that intersects craft and reproductive justice.
She was born in 1979 and raised under the hot Florida sun.  She completed her MFA at the University of Florida and her BFA at Florida Atlantic University.  She has exhibited solo exhibition at the Alexander Brest Gallery in Jacksonville, FL, The Institute of Ceramic Studies at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shigaraki, Japan and the Tim Salen Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL.
Currently based in Olympia, WA, nicole is the Instruction & Classroom Support Technician in the Art Department at South Puget Sound Community College, runs the Front Porch Pop-up Gallery is a and recent co-founder of the Socially Engaged Craft Collective.
Nicole was the ceramics artist in residence at Arbutus from winter of 2017 through the summer of 2017.

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