Artist in Residence

The Arbutus Folk School believes in the importance of create pathways for young crafts people. To this end we operate an Artist in Residence program in as many of our core program areas as we can.

Ceramics Artist in Residence

Andritta Berstein

I grew up bouncing back and forth between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Losing myself in the creation of objects has always been an exploratory process in times of growth and transition. Drawing, painting and photography were vital outlets to explore the social world around me in my formative years. I graduated from Tacoma School of the Arts in 2008 and grounded myself in Seattle until 2016. I acquired an Associates Degree at Seattle Central Community College in 2011. From 2011 to 2016 I took fine metal classes at Pratt Fine Arts and wheel-throwing classes at Seward Park Clay Studio. Over this five year period before returning to school to finish my undergraduate degree, I supported myself in the service industry and formed strong bonds with artists working in the Seattle area. I have participated in selling my ceramic jewelry at local pop- up shops and The Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle.

In the Fall of 2018 I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Arts emphasizing in Art Theory and 3D art in Ceramics and Metal Working. On the endeavor of acquiring my undergraduate degree at TESC I have reclaimed my passion for working with material

with a new perspective on the conceptual and social practices within craft art. I plan to immerse myself in the world of ceramics, evolve as a working artist and start building an artistically driven community.

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Woodworking Artist in Residence

Francis Fong

Francis Fong started woodworking in the winter of 2015 at The Evergreen State College. After an introductory class he transitioned to studying craft full-time and also started working at Evergreen’s wood shop as an instructional aide. Since then, he has made a range of things including chopsticks, side tables, chairs, lamps, and a large media console. He is equally interested in teaching, thinking, and making, and hopes to pursue craft education in the following years.

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